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Guidelines for radio phone contests

I’ve had a great deal of success at winning radio station contests where you need to be caller 7. I have a few tips to remember.  Not all are exactly how stations do it, but for the most part these guidelines work....

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

One of the first things I can offer you is this:  Don’t sweat the small stuff. I get people often mentioning small contests that they end up spending way too much time on.  One particular one is a Pepsi contest where most...

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On the home front

It’s been BUSY.  Most of my family are vacationing.  I’ve been busting up a concrete patio in my backyard.  I have sore muscles in places I never knew were muscles. That’s my update.  Cheers!

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Making Contests Like You

This is one of my favourite tips.  Especially so when we’re talking about smaller Facebook and Twitter contests. Here’s the nugget.  When a Facebook contest, run by a small business or non-profit, asks you to like,...

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A suggestion about rules

I’ve heard from numerous people over the years that have won, then lost, a contest. It’s all about the rules.  Read them.  They often have riders in them stipulating simple things such as you must be under a certain...

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Work hard for better odds

There is one way of getting better odds at winning.  Look for contests where you have to do some writing, photography, cooking, make videos, creating scrapbook pages, colouring, etc etc. I had a friend years ago that entered a...

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Crappy Mondays

Another Monday, another blah day.  Seems to be a recurrence each week. I’m fighting fires on a few projects I have on the go.  Nothing too serious, but it’s taking time away from things I really want to do.  Like...

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Ontario Lotto Unclaimed Money

I’m not much of a lotto player. I’ve played in the past, but I’ve also come to realize the odds of winning are so low, I’m throwing away money when I play. That said, there’s a news article that came out saying in Ontario there...

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My favourite win

I get asked this a fair bit.  What’s my favourite contest win.  Easy.  Barbados. I remember getting the call from a local radio station.  I had registered at a conference where the station had a booth.  And that Friday...

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One of those days

I could feel it when the alarm went off at 7:00AM today.  I should have slapped an ‘out-of-order’ sticker on my forehead and went back to sleep. First thing after waking – as I usually do – I logged on to...

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Be picky with what you enter

I don’t know about you, but when I enter a contest, one fo the first things I figure out is if I want/need the prize offered.  Common sense, right? Seriously, if the prize is a box of feminine products, why would I bother...

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Another Concert Win: Alessa Cara

Here’s a fun contest that I won a few days ago.  It’s to see Alessia Cara in Toronto.  It’s from the Toronto Sun and LottoMax. (and here is a list of some of my recent contest wins)        ...

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I scream, you scream, ICE CREAM!

Another win for me.  It was a local real estate agent giving away a $25 gift certificate for ice cream. It was simple and took seconds to enter this particular Facebook contest.  I had to ‘like’ and...

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Another dinner win

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Actually the win is for a small Asian restaurant in Kitchener, Ontario. It’s 20 mins from our place in Hespeler. The win came from a simple Facebook contest. Like, share and tag. Took me all...

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Another win

This one isn’t a big win, but it’s still much appreciated. Last night I won a Facebook contest for a $40 gift card for a local bar/restaurant. M&M is a local place, kinda like Cheers.  Everybody likes the wings...

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