I’ve had a great deal of success at winning radio station contests where you need to be caller 7.

I have a few tips to remember.  Not all are exactly how stations do it, but for the most part these guidelines work.

  1. Timing.  You need to listen to a station and find the time that they tend to do contests.  Quite often, when the station is giving something away, they’ll do it each day right after 2:30pm, and they announce it between the 2nd and 3rd commercials.  Something like that.
  2. Your Phone.  It’s a good idea to put in the radio station’s call-in number into your presets  Be ready for when the cue to call comes up.
  3. It’s About Timing.  If you call too early, such as a few seconds BEFORE the sounder goes – the station typically clears their lines.  If you get a ring BEFORE the sound – they usually hang up on all of those callers.
  4. The Busy Signal:  Don’t fear a busy signal.  Many times I’ve got a busy signal and then redialled immediately and got in.  It happens.
  5. The Wrong Caller:  Again, I’ve been the wrong caller number lots of times.  Look at it with the glass half-full.  You know that it’s possible to get through to the announcer.  Hang up and call again!
  6. Sound Happy.  If you win, by all means sound like you’ve won something significant.  Be happy and thankful!
  7. Repeat Offender:  Most often the station only allows you to win once every 30 days or so.  Find out for sure what that rule is, and don’t try to piss the announcer off by ignoring it.

There are prizes to be had calling into radio stations.  Listen to all of the local stations and try to figure out when the contests usually occur.  Get into a rhythm and get calling!

Do you have any tips to win contests on Canadian radio stations?  Let me know in the comments!