This is one of my favourite tips.  Especially so when we’re talking about smaller Facebook and Twitter contests.

Here’s the nugget.  When a Facebook contest, run by a small business or non-profit, asks you to like, share, and tag someone, you need to take it a little further.  You need to enter a genuine, thoughtful comment about winning the contest.

If Joe’s Pizza Emporium is offering free pizza for a year, and asks you to tag someone, instead of just tagging, tell them via the comment that you have a friend that loves their pizza and you’re looking forward to trying them for the first time – and you’d like to bring along your daughter Jane Doe (tagged).  I did this exact thing to win two of the last three contests I won on Facebook.

These companies, such as Joe’s Pizza, want: 1. to ensure someone is excited to come in and possibly become a steady customer, and 2. they want to know it’s appreciated.  They say that they pick a random winner, but most often they cherry pick someone who might become a big fan.  Trust me.  I win contests directly as a result of this tip.

It’s simple, really.  Give them a little love as you enter the contest.  Always sprinkle that genuine love liberally.  It’s often the difference in winning that contest.

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