I could feel it when the alarm went off at 7:00AM today.  I should have slapped an ‘out-of-order’ sticker on my forehead and went back to sleep.

First thing after waking – as I usually do – I logged on to this website.  Just to see if anything had changed.  Boy, did it ever change!

I logged in to a ‘website not found‘ message.  I tried everything.  Laptop, desktop, mobile phone – it just was gone!

I went in the backend software and did the unthinkable.  I used a backup of the website that I have automatically have done each morning.  Essentially it should have meant I lost a day’s worth of work I’d put in here at the most.  But I was wrong.  The site still was missing.

Next step was to escalate a ‘support’ request with the web host.  Long techie story short lead them to getting my website back online, eventually.  Unfortunately, I had backed things up an hour before so I lost 24 hrs of work.

With a little luck, things will look a big bunch better tomorrow.